Terms, Conditions, Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions


  • may be also referred to as BikersNI in these terms and conditions and on other pages within this web site and its payment processing gateway.
  • Business may refer to a sole trader, business, PLC, corporation, franchise or other commonly determined term for a trading body.
  • Services Provided refer to the advance features and or purchasable services of this web site such as the ability to leave a “Rating” about a business or the ability for a business owner or representative of that business to list information about their business.
  • Registration Is the process whereby a user registers their details with BikersNI in order for that user to partake of additional featured of this web site such as leaving a star Rating on a particular listing.
  • Subscription refers to the fee or amount payable to BikersNI for a user to access its services for an agreed period of time. A user who has paid a subscription may be referred to as a subscribed user.
  • Listing A listing refers to information provided by BikersNI or a subscribed user about a particular place within a particular category i.e. “The hotel” (place) within “Stay” (Category)
  • Content refers to all information and media including text, audio, images including video supplied by you for publishing.
  • Publishing refers to the act of submitting content supplied by you for inclusion in a listing you are responsible for.

Services Provided

For non-registered users

  1. The use of BikersNI is free to non-registered users who may browse the web site to search for a range of businesses and places. Non-Registered users may not use for example the “Leave a review” or “Add Listing”

For registered users

  1. In addition to the features available to non-registered users in para 1 above registered users may also, once they have logged on, post reviews and suggest places under the “Add Listing” option on the menu bar. Registration is free however as part of the registration process BikersNI will require and ask for additional information about, this information or data will be handle according to the BikersNI privacy policy. By accepting these terms and conditions you also agree to our privacy policy detailed below.

For subscription users

  1. In addition to the features available to registered users in para 2 above a subscribed user with a valid subscription may also list details about a business or event providing that they are legally entitled to or have authorisation to act on the business or event organisers behalf. As part of the subscription process BikersNI will require and ask for additional information about you this information or data will handle according to the BikersNI privacy policy. By accepting these terms and conditions you also agree to our privacy policy.

Listing Service

  1. BikersNI is a web based listing service for various business types in Northern Ireland. Aimed specifically at motorcyclists and motorcycle dealers and accessorie retailers. BikersNI is not associated or affiliated to any of the business listed unless explicitly stated in the listing.
  2. BikersNI provide the listing services on this web based platform for a subscription fee. This subscription fee may be monthly, annual or a one-time payment, depending on the level of service purchased or the service required this will be clearly detailed during the registration process.
  3. Only on payment of such subscription fee as described in para 5 above may a business use this service. On payment of the set fee the business may use the services for the length of time as agreed and set out during the registration process.
  4. In certain circumstances and without subscription BikersNI reserve the right to include and or allow use of the services of BikersNI to individual businesses, charities or event promotors at the sole discretion of BikersNI without reason  and without explanation.

Accuracy of information

  1. As a subscribed user providing information about a place business or event you agree as part of these terms and conditions that you are responsible for the accuracy of all information provided and published and that you will not willingly or knowingly provide inaccurate, false, misleading or libellous information. you further agree that you will not willing or knowingly provide any illegal, inaccurate or copyright infringement content for publishing on a listing you have responsibility for.
  2. Should BikersNI become aware of or be made aware of any content that does not comply with para 8 above BikersNI with in the first instance inform the subscribed user and request that the matter is resolved within 7 working days. If no resolution is achieved BikersNI will allow the registered user a further 7 working days to remove the offending material. If after the 7 days removal request period has elapsed and the request to remove the material the subscribed user has not complied BikersNI will suspend that subscribed users account until the issue is resolved in a manner acceptable to BikersNI. No refund of subscription will be made to a subscribed user if their account has been suspended for any breach under para 8 above.

Liability for Listings

  1. BikersNI accept in good faith that all subscribed users have listed places or events in accordance with these terms and conditions particularly para 8. BikersNI will comply as with para 9 of these terms and conditions as far as is reasonable practicable to ensure accuracy of listings.
  2. BikersNI accept no liability nor will they be liable for any loss however caused through any misleading inaccurate or wrong information listed or published on this site including details of all places and details of all events including the postponement and or the cancellation of an event.
  3. BikersNI aims to provide accurate information however, BikersNI cannot warrant the accuracy of descriptions of services or other provided by links to other sites over which BikersNI has no control. ONiNI is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, or other materials on or available from such sites or resources.
  4. It is the responsibility of the user wishing to visit or recommend a place or attend an event to ensure the accuracy of the information and details in the listing BikersNI strongly advise that that users contact the listing provider either by telephone or email prior to making any arrangements to attend or visit.

Account Security

  1. BikersNI will take as far as is reasonably practicable measures to ensure the security of your account and password and will only allow password resets to registered email accounts.
  2. As part of these terms and conditions you agree to be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user account name and password and for ensuring restricting access to any device that may access your account on which your username and password are stored, you further agree to accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. BikersNI reserves the right to refuse access or services, terminate accounts, or remove or edit content in its sole discretion

Copyright Complaints

  1. BikersNI takes seriously the intellectual property of others, if you believe that your work has been copied or used in a way that infringes copyright law BikersNI urge you to contact us in order that we can investigate the matter.


Data Protection and Privacy Policy


We take you privacy and data protection seriously we have to both by law and through our own experiences we hate junk email as much as the next person. This page explains in simple terms our obligation to you to both comply with data protection requirements and to reassure you of our commitment to respecting your privacy.


BikersNI is a sole trader organisation offer a listing service on BikersNI community web site.  BikersNI may be referred to in this document as “we” or “our” for example “We ensure our processes comply”


In order to provide services and a functional user experience BikersNI may hold and process data about you as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998) and the General Data Protection Regulation due for introduction in 2018 (GDPR) data held includes such information as:

  • Your name
  • Home or Business address Address
  • email address
  • web site address
  • Telephone number

All data we hold is only held where you have consented to provide it in order to access advanced features of this site such as registering your business, listing your event or in order to uses the Buy and Sell Features of this site. Additional information stored may include automatically collected information such as:

  • Operating System OS,
  • Browser Type
  • Device type
  • Geographical Location
  • IP address from the device you access the website

This information is normal and the majority of websites will collect this type of information for statistical purposes.

NOTE: all payments made via this website are processed via PayPal a third-party service that has their own policy’s that are found here . (This link is for PayPal UK) if you use a different PayPal we suggest you read their policies) We do not store any of your payment information that PayPal use other than to confirm payment success


This information we hold is stored within a database specifically designed for the purpose hosted on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with appropriate security measures in place to protect the information stored.


We need this information to allow us to grant you access to advanced features of this site in order to provide an enhanced user experience.


You provide this information to us when you create an account or register to use the advanced features of this site you may also be asked if adding a listing, event or item for sale.


We process your data to ensure that your account and associated functions from the advanced features of this site are presented as you expect and in order to protect these same functions from unauthorised users. The data is also processed when you log on to your account and to assist in protecting your account from unauthorised access. We may further process this information as part of a statistical analysis of visitor habits i.e. pages visited, links clicked etc to ensure that BikersNI continues to offer you and all our visitors a useful on-line experience  when using this site. This processing is done collectively i.e. all visitor date or subsets i.e. by region or over a given time period. Your individual browser habits are not examined in isolation.

Additional data may also be used to process visitor statistics in order to allow development of BikersNI and its features to ensure we can best meet  your needs as a user.

Explicit Consent 

As part of the registration process or when you list an event location or a item for sale you give explicit consent that :

  • You have read and agree to abide by these terms, conditions and privacy policy
  • You allow your data as described in “What” (Above) to be processed and used as described in Processing (Above) in order to serve you with advanced features of this site
  • Your consent is explicitly given by ticking on the “Please accept our terms and conditions” check box during the submission process

Opt out

During the registration process, you will be asked to explicitly consent to allowing you data to be processed as detailed above if you do not consent to this some of the advanced features will not be available to you. should you consent and later decide you wish to “opt out” from this consent you can do so by requesting on our contact us form that you wish to “Opt Out”  if you retrospectively “Opt Out” some of the features of this site may not be accessible to you including those that were previously accessible

Subject access request

You are entitled by legislation to know what information we hold about you. Should you wish to do so please contact us and request a “Subject Access Request”  There is no charge for this unless the number of requests are deemed to be malicious or excessive.


It is within your right to request and have all data relating to you to be removed by us. simply contact us and ask for your information to be removed. Removal means the complete removal of your information from the system and not archive. Should you request removal some or all of the advance features of this site may become unavailable to you and re-registration will be required including new explicit consent to process your data as detailed above.

Third party sharing

We do not share your information with third parties other than providing a payment link to PayPal We will not share your personal data including your email address with any third party unless we have been instructed by a court of law to do so and it is legally binding on BikersNI to do so.

Questions or uncertainty?

If you have a question relating to, or are uncertain about, any aspect of these terms and conditions and our privacy policy please contact us and we will endeavour to assist with your query.

Kind Regards

Bikers NI