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Some Frequently asked questions


How should I list my MC club meetings?

In order to list club meetings without having multiple entries show up follow this method.

When entering the club details on the “add event” form, simply select “non recurring event” with a start time of today’s date and a finish time of some years hence I.e. 2025 – that way your club will always show up in the Clubs section. – if in doubt contact us

Why are clubs listed as events?

MC Clubs are listed for free and and are something that “happens” so we decided to place them in the free “events” category as opposed to places that relate to businesses.

What category should I select?

have a look at the existing places and that should give you a fair idea – its best to select the the Main category relating to your business – if the business covers 2 or more categories i.e. if you are a Motorcycle Dealer  and sell Motorcycle Accessories as well, then select our Gold subscription that allows multiple category listings – with the Silver subscription you can only select one category so make sure this is your main one. This is to ensure the search and results display appropriate results correctly. Remember our Gold package offers a lot more features

Is this really free?

Yes it really is, well kind off its free for non business users clubs and charities. we felt that there was a need for a single source of all things motorcycling in Northern Ireland and decided to build this portal its free for individual to post about their clubs, items for sale events, etc and we hope that by asking businesses for a small annual fee this will cover the cost of running the servers and updating the site.

Our aim is to provide the best resource both for the Motorcycle Industry in Norther Ireland and for all motorcycle riders.

Who / What is Bikers NI?

Bikers NI started from a Face book (FB) page that was set up by a couple of “Geeks” namely my son and myself who also happen to enjoy motorcycling. Due to a bit of interest generated on FB we decided to build a web portal that combined and showcased all that good places and events relating to and of interest to bikers in Northern Ireland. for more detail please see our About Page

What does the Import from Social Button do?







This options allows you to simply copy a Facebook page URL (Link) and all the details will be uploaded for your event or place (You will probably have to manually enter address in order to pinpoint on the map and select the category as well.

Do BikersNI have an App?

Not at present however this site is fully responsive meaning you can view it on mobile devices without any loss of quality providing you have at least a 3G connection.

why does this site want to use my current location what is geotagging?

Simple the site is optimised to find places and events in your immediate area also if you enable geo-tagging you can get instant directions from your current position to any of the places or events you are viewing simply by clicking on the  cross-hairs in the “Get Directions” box (Saves you having to enter your location) 

What does “Business Owner” mean on some place listings?

This is the button to click if you own a listed business, manage a  MC Club or are the event promoter and wish to “Claim it”  i.e. get access to updating the listing content pictures etc. Mostly applies to business places although Clubs will also have this button in order that a club member can become the administrator for the listing. If a business is not Owner Verified you should satisfy yourself that the information is still current.

What does “Owner Verified Listing Mean?




The Green “Owner Verified Listing” simply means that this place club or event  has been claimed by the business owner club admin it event promoter and that  they are responsible for updating the contents of the listing.

What should I do if I find a bug or broken link?

Like all web based resources sometimes links break or have been (god forbid) incorrectly programmed by us we are human after all – Should you find something that you think is not working as you think it should please help us and others by letting us know via our contact form – We will investigate and get back to you.

How do I add my location to the Map?

This is done automatically for you after you insert your address when completing the form about your business details.  You can also move the location marker to get an exact pinpoint (WE find it easier to zoom in and use satellite imagery)

How much do business pay for a listing?

As previously stated on this site this is a not for profit enterprise therefore was are asking business for a small annual subscription to cover our costs in paying for hosting design and maintenance of the site – our aim is not to retire on this (I wish) but to simply provide the best motorcycle portal for Northern Ireland that we can – we are asking our businesses to support us by the following subscriptions. All other postings including Buy and Sell, and Events are FREE to list.


If you have a question that is not answered above please feel free to contact us with your query.

We check our emails regularly so a response should be forthcoming.